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The Avina 

With the Family Navigator, we support families in topics such as retirement planning, security, law and savings. We know the questions that families have - and sometimes postpone.

With our short analysis based on your family model, we suggest relevant topics and give you the tools to make improvements.

Our motto "Family-Life made easy" is to be taken literally.

Awina Family-Navigator jetzt testen
Awina Family-Navigator Dashboard

How does the Navigator work?


Clarifying questions

On our navigator we ask you a few questions about your family situation and your relationship status - from this, we deduce which topics are relevant for you.

(i) Why is this important? (coming soon)

Awina Family-Navigator Frage AHV-Lücke
Awina Family-Navigator Säule 3a
Awina Family-Navigator Familiensituation


Where are you today

Many of you have already thought about the topic of retirement planning and insurance - we will check with you what you have already done and structure the part that is still open.

Don't worry, you can answer the questions 100% anonymously if you prefer.


Overview of where you stand and suggestions

Based on your information, we show you how you compare to others. You'll find ways to better protect yourself and your family.


Don't worry, we'll walk you through these topics step by step, so you can't go wrong. Plus, most of the tasks are free - you just need to take the time to do them.

Awina Family-Navigator Dashboard Weiblich
Awina Family-Navigator Task Partner bei PK melden
Awina Family-Navigator Christiane
Werde Beta-Tester

We are looking for you as a Beta tester

Help us build the Navigator so that as many families as possible benefit from it!


In return, you will receive free access to the Navigator and we will send you an action package of your choice today. [concubinage, will, or protection].

Thank you 🙌

Family Stories

What families think about Avina

My wife and I are employed and would like to remain so. With the birth of our twins, we learned about daycare costs. For support we do not qualify - but 2,500.- per month we also can not pay for daycare.


We have been using Awina's service since 2021. This allows us to spread the costs over a longer period of time. So vacations and pillar 3a are still in it.

Mutter mit Sohn by helena-lopes

Samuel Kunz, Aarau

Paar Blick in Zukunft

My partners and I have been overjoyed parents for four months. I work 50% and my partners 80%. We are not married - marriage just doesn't suit to us. In a test with Awina, it was pointed out to me how little my partner and I cover each other - I was not aware of this. Awina gave us the tip to register the partner with the pension fund and also sent me templates for a cohabitation contract. As a cohabiting couple, it is worth investing some time here.

Brigitte Untersander, Dubendorf

Three years ago I spent a semester abroad in Berlin and added an internship there. I didn't notice that I didn't pay any AHV contribution that year. Let's face it, who thinks about AHV at 27....

Awina pointed out to me that you can order your AHV statement for free and you can close any gaps up to five years back, which I did. But I think it is bad that one is made aware of that by the AHV.

Mann Blick in Zukunft by jeffrey keenan

Daniel Fuchs, Zurich

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