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Write down your
last will

Download the template, write it by hand,
file it away in a safe space, done ✌️

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1. Why make a will?

  • It is your last will. If you do not record anything, the law decides who gets what. Why that can be an issue? 👉 See point 3.

  • It's your inheritance so you should decide what to do with it. Maybe you want to support a good cause?

  • The inheritance law was changed - from 01.01.23 you have more freedom in how you want to dispose of your fortune.

2.What needs to be considered in a will?

  • Formal requirements! The whole thing has to be handwritten from A to Z ✍️
    + you need to add the date and signature

  • The law protects some of your heirs: you cannot completely disinherit your spouse or children. 

  • Store it safely! Even the best will is useless if it can't be found after you pass away.

You can find the exact wording of a will in our template #legalese

3.Who should make a will?

  • Everyone! But it is especially important for non-married couples who live together. Most laws are "old-fashioned" and assume traditional living models. If you do not live traditionally, you should protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • If you own your home, make sure that your partner has the right to stay in it even if some of it will be inherited by your children.

  • To avoid an inheritance dispute. It doesn't always help, but it's better than leaving nothing behind and letting your heirs fight it out.

  • If the legal distribution doesn't suit your needs and you want to decide who gets your assets.


I hope you now understand why it is worth making a will 😉

- We have received this question several times and would like to briefly provide some assistance here.


You don't need any special paper - any paper is fine. Theoretically, you could write your will on a napkin as long as you meet all other formal requirements (handwritten, dated, and signed). However, it is recommended that you use a solid paper, which may have guides (squared or lined) to help you write your last will and testament more cleanly.


So, feel free to take the paper out of your printer and start writing ✍️. If you need some inspiration on the content, feel free to download our template.

... so go ahead, download the template and #getitdone 👇

Papier für Vorlag

More information about your will

Where do I keep the will?

In Switzerland, the cantons are required to maintain an office that keeps wills and marriage contracts. In Zurich, for example, this is the public notary.


However, you do not have to deposit your will with a notary for a fee, you can also do it at your home or with the executor of your will. Please note that your will has to be found if you did not deposit it with a notary.

How can I cut off someone (who is entitled to a compulsory share according to the law)?

This is only possible in a few exceptional cases. If the person to be disinherited has committed a severe crime (min. 1-year minimum term of imprisonment) or if he has seriously violated his family law obligations towards him or his relatives. Here, too, there must be a criminal offence.

It is also possible to reduce the compulsory share by 50% if the heir is insolvent and a promissory bill exists. In this case, the mandatory remaining share must be given to the children of the insolvent descendant.

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