“Hey, Mom” Interview with Anette JeanRichard

May we introduce?
Anette JeanRichard dit Bressel is co-head of the Building Research and Medieval Archaeology Department at the Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and Archaeology of the Canton of Zug. Together with her colleague, she is responsible for eight employees. She is a mother of two children.

Anette, you’re a mom and co-head of a department at the Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and Archaeology of the Canton of Zug at the same time. How do you organize yourself to juggle everything?
Since both my husband and I commute to our places of work, it’s actually not always that easy… Currently, our children attend a daycare center in Baar (ZG) on three days. That means I bring them there and pick them up again. Since I currently work “only” 50% and we have annual working hours with the canton of Zug, I can spread my workload over three days, which defuses the situation somewhat.

How come that you’ve decided to have children and a career?
Both my profession as an archaeologist and construction researcher and being a mother simply give me a lot of pleasure. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to choose one or the other.

Your children go to daycare. What has that meant for you professionally as well as privately?
If our children couldn’t attend daycare, I probably would have had to quit my job. I am convinced that the daycare center is a great enrichment for our children and that I am a happier and more relaxed mother and wife when I can develop professionally.

Briefly on financing: Did the daycare center put a lot of strain on your family budget? If so, how did you deal with it?
Since one of our children needs medical support and has a higher care factor, we are very happy that the city of Zurich covers part of the additional costs.

What are the biggest challenges for you as a “working mom” in everyday life?
The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with both family and job demands. Attending work events, meetings, conventions, etc. outside of my regular work hours (and thus outside of the children’s daycare hours) is complicated. 

Even with the best organization: you can’t do everything alone. Where do you rely on support?
When the children are sick and can’t go to daycare, I’m very happy when my husband can step in for a few days and take over childcare. 

How do you live compatibility?
I work 50% part-time. For me, compatibility also includes sharing the housework.

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