What about your dreams?

Starting a family, career, partnership, friendships, self-care … Do you have a lot going on right now in the “rush hour of life”? This is exactly the right time to ask yourself what has actually become of your dreams – and to realise them. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. We help you to tackle your life’s goals along with your loved ones. 

How did you always imagine your life would be? And how do you live it now? Just when everything is happening at once – from starting a family to moving up the career ladder – we are often busy simply functioning instead of taking time for our dreams and ambitions. Especially in this “rush hour of life” phase, it is important to set goals that give you some orientation and motivation – otherwise life can quickly become quite overwhelming. 

Big life events mean time for a change! 

You want to spend time with your children and still have a career? Go on a world trip, but also buy a house? Or take a step into self-employment, but also provide for your family? Our dreams can be very different – even as children. Read here how children today imagine their lives as adults and what adults today say about their childhood dreams. Often our dreams take a back seat in the stress of daily life. Major life events, such as starting a family, are exactly the right moments to take another look at what is really important to you and your partner and what you would like to achieve together. After all, your lives will soon change fundamentally anyway. 

Four tips to make your dreams come true

That sounds all well and good, but realising your goals in life is not that easy? Depending on your ambitions and your life situation, that’s certainly true. However, our four tips will help you set realistic goals – and then realise them. 

1. Be honest – and realistic

You want to travel the world for three years, your partner dreams of buying a house soon? Your dream is to become self-employed with your own business idea, but at the same time your partner wants to start full-time further education? As beautiful as dreaming may be, the realisation must be realistic. So, take time together to talk about your goals and dreams. What is important to you in general? What priorities do issues like health, family life, career, relationships, financial security, a self-determined life and leisure time have? What exactly do you imagine this to mean? And what ambitions do you have within these areas for you personally, but also for you as a family? 

2. Plan your future 

Many small steps lead to the goal. Once you are aware of what dreams you want to realise individually, but also together as a couple and as a family, you can start planning. Divide your goals into different small sections – otherwise your planning can quickly become overwhelming. Do you want to go on a long trip with your children before they start kindergarten? Then plan through each half year or each year until then with concrete goals. You want to start your own business? Then set yourself a time frame and plan concrete milestones (from the business plan to the founding of the company). 

3. Get into the habit of making your dream come true. 

Just as you take many small steps to reach your goal, you also change your life in many small habits. Actively plan the realisation of your dreams into your life. You want to prioritise your family more and spend more time with the children instead of working overtime? Then it might help you to schedule fixed times when you are not available for your employer and play with your children instead. Do you dream of owning your own home? Then make a habit of saving and investing, for example by investing or saving a certain amount every month. We have put together a lot of tips on how you can save as a family.

4. Take stock every now and then

If you plan your life’s goals in small stages, you can also regularly check whether you are on track to realising your dreams. Depending on what makes you tick, you can also plan small rewards for yourself – or you can use the technique of “mental contrasting”. This involves imagining how good you will feel when you reach your next goal – for example, when you attend that long-awaited training course. Then you contrast your imagination with the opposite: how would you feel if you were still doing your unloved job six months from now? “Mental contrasting motivates you by showing you both sides of your dream, including the one that shows you what your life would be like if you gave up your ambitions.

Many paths lead to happiness 

“What about my dreams?” is a question that many of us don’t ask often enough – especially when life is in full swing anyway. Or we suppress our dreams because they seem unrealistic, childish, naïve, even egotistical … However, “realising your dreams” doesn’t have to mean quitting your career to become an astronaut or embarking on a daring emigration. The realisation of your dreams can be just as creative as they are – as long as they fit in with you and your values. 

“As a child, my dream job was to be an archaeologist. I have always been fascinated by ancient cultures, their way of life, the incredible buildings and the history of art. Faraway countries and travel are magical to me. I really wanted to explore the pyramids, so instead I set about exploring our garden. I made up a story to go with the things I dug up. These objects, such as stones, shards and coins were my treasures and were kept safely in a tin box. Even today I carry stones home from holidays. I guess I’m a born collector,” Nina Bachmann tells us. She didn’t end up studying archaeology – she’d much rather earn her own money and explore the world on her own. Nevertheless, she is living her dream today. “For 12 years I worked as a freelance production designer. Thanks to my working hours, I had the privilege to travel several times to faraway countries for longer periods of time. For the past year, I have been in charge of the sales and administration of a large second-hand shop and manage 10 female employees. When we unpack the many boxes from a former household, it’s an expedition through a lifetime and there’s always a treasure somewhere.”

Does this inspire you too to make your dreams come true? Then now is exactly the right time to think about your dreams and how to realise them. And depending on how your family wants to plan their future, we’ll be by your side too – helping you to finance crèche places for your little ones, giving you the opportunity to further your careers or optimise your finances. Find out more here.